"Education is concerned with individuals; the arts are concerned with the individuality of individuals. The differences among people are often most clearly reflected through the arts; an opportunity for actually "doing" the arts is sometimes the wisest way of developing individuality..."-Way, Brian:
Development Through Drama


In an effort to make our program accessible to children anywhere in the Metroplex, we provide weekly drama and art classes to over twenty pre-schools, private schools, public schools and community centers in the area. Capers For Kids makes it easy for you to provide an arts program at your school without overhead costs or hassles. We will customize our program to meet your specific needs during the school day, after school or for an awesome summer camp program. Workshops and residencies are also available.

• Classes may be scheduled for the semester or in six to ten week sessions.
• Classes may be scheduled by the hour or students may enroll individually.
• We provide registration and payment processing.
• Class length is based on the age of the students.
• Days and times are scheduled at the convenience of the school.
• Workshops and residencies are designed specifically for each school.


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