Training and Workshops

Keynote Address

Fostering Civilization Through Our Children's Imaginations

An inspirational address focusing on the need for play and
imagination in the lives of our children and the future of our civilization.

Workshops for Educators

Dive Into Drama
A multimedia workshop for teachers and directors who would like to
implement a drama program, for elementary or middle school children,
during the school day or after school.

Drama For Pre-school
A lively and fun presentation for teachers who want to use drama in the
pre-school classroom.

Workshops for Children / Students

Drama Teams
Students learn to risk having new ideas, try new things and create their own words
and visions rather than imitate the words and visions of someone else. They develop tolerance for the ideas of others as they collaborate to create original stories. The focus is on story structure, conflict and characterization.

The Character Counts
The focus of this workshop is on creating characters for a story. Students will learn about the elements of characterization, and gain emotional intelligence as they create their own original characters and bring them to life through drama.